23rd – 24th July 2022, Vellore Institute of Technology ( VIT ) Chennai

Call for Papers

SESBT 2022 provides an opportunity to submit your original research findings on any of these conference themes namely Carbon Neutrality (CN), Electric & Hybrid Vehicles (EV), Green & Energy Efficient Buildings (GB), Sustainable Materials for Next Generation Energy Devices (SM), Energy Storage (ES), Computational Models for Energy Systems (CM), Advanced Cryo Techniques (CT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Energy Systems, Thermal System Optimization (OP) and Renewable Energy (RE).

Prepare your abstract and full length paper using the below templates and submit (file name shall be the Paper Code_First Author First Name without Initials) the same in EasyChair using this submission link

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Topics of interest include but are not limited to the following list.

Carbon Neutrality

Paper Code : CN

Electric & Hybrid Vehicles

Paper Code : EV

Green & Energy Efficient Buildings

Paper Code : GB

  • Alternative Fuels

  • Bioenergy – Biomass, Biofuels

  • Biohydrogen

  • Carbon Regulations

  • Carbon capture and storage

  • Carbon Neutral Agriculture

  • Climate Change

  • CO2 Capture and Sequestration

  • Energy efficient systems

  • Environmental Impacts on Sustainable Energy

  • Environmental Sustainability

  • Emission Reduction Techniques

  • Green Energy and Green Power

  • Industrial sustainability

  • Negative Emissions

  • Nuclear Energy Technology

  • Solid Waste Management

  • Wastewater Management for Enhanced Sustainability

  • Alternative source systems of in-vehicle electricity production

  • Battery Thermal Management Systems

  • Braking systems for electrical propulsion and traction systems

  • Charging Systems (AC & DC)

  • Dedicated security and safety systems

  • Electrical machines for automotive propulsion and traction

  • Electric car, bus and truck systems

  • Electronics for electrical machine/hybrid engine control systems

  • Electronic architectures and dedicated automotive components

  • Electromagnetic compatibility issues for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

  • Emerging power electronics and their control algorithms

  • Emerging electric machines and control techniques

  • Efficient energy management strategies for hybrid propulsion systems

  • Environmental/cost efficiency, energy savings algorithms

  • Hydrogen fuel cells

  • Novel propulsion systems

  • Power electronics converters including DC/DC converters, DC/AC inverters and Battery charging systems

  • Serial/parallel/light hybrid electrical systems for cars/buses/trucks

  • Social, economic and environmental issues associated with Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

  • Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G), Vehicle-to-Home (V2H), Grid-to-Vehicle (G2V) Technologies and Wireless Power Transfer Systems (WPTs)

  • Zero Emission - Range Extension Solutions

  • Carbon Tracking in Buildings

  • Typology of Green Buildings

  • Green Building Codes and Standards, Green Retrofit

  • Passive and Active Hybrid Approach to Building Designs

  • Innovative Technologies and Integrated Systems for High Performance Buildings

  • Smart Monitors and Intelligent Building Controls

  • Building Energy Demands and Consumption

  • Building Energy Conservation

  • Application of Renewable Energies in Buildings

  • Bioclimatic Building

  • Smart Living Space, Indoor Environment

  • Adaptive Opportunity

  • New Materials in Building and their Impact on Energy Demand and Ecological Environment

  • Sustainable Building Techniques

  • Modelling and Optimization of Building Performance

  • Thermal or Electrical Energy Storage in Buildings

Sustainable Materials for Next Generation Energy Devices

Paper Code : SM

Energy Storage

Paper Code : ES

Computational Models for Energy Systems

Paper Code : CM

  • Energy storage and conversion.

  • Batteries, Supercapacitors, Fuel cells

  • Hydrogen production and storage

  • Solar Photovoltaics

  • Thermoelectrics

  • Efficient lighting, and Energy saving in buildings

  • Modeling and theoretical aspects

  • Advanced characterization techniques

  • High Performance and Advanced Batteries

  • Fuel Cells and Electrolyzers

  • Super Capacitors

  • Flywheels, Compressed Air, Thermal Fluid and Pumped Storage Hydropower

  • Latent Heat Storage and Phase Change Materials

  • Biological Storage, Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage, Hydrogen Storage, Cryogenic Storage

  • Storage Performance, Efficiency, Exergy, District Energy, Smart Energy, Smart Grid

  • Power Accessories for Energy Storage Systems such as Bidirectional Power Converters, Fast Chargers and Wireless Chargers

  • Energy Storage Management and Control Systems

  • Equipment and Materials used for Energy Storage Production

  • Applications of Electrochemical, Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical and Thermal Energy Storage

  • Numerical and Modelling Aspects of Energy Storage Systems

  • Testing, Test Procedures, Evaluation, Lessons Learned, Life Cycle Costs, Life Cycle Assessment, and Safety of Energy Storage Systems

  • Energy Forecasting Models

  • Energy System Optimization Models

  • Simulation of Energy System Operation

  • Architecture of the Energy System

  • Energy System & Market Analysis

  • Probabilistic Energy Forecasting

  • Forecasting in Multiple Energy Systems

  • High Dimensional Wind and Solar Power Forecasting

  • Hierarchical Energy Forecasting

  • Hybrid Energy System Models

  • Energy Simulation Models

  • Modeling of Energy storage and Smart Grids

  • Energy Operational Planning

  • Thermal Management and Innovative Cooling Strategies for Data Center

Advanced Cryo Techniques

Paper Code : CT

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Energy Systems

Paper Code : AI

Thermal System Optimization

Paper Code : OP

Renewable Energy

Paper Code : RE

  • Magnetic Refrigeration

  • Sorptive Cooling

  • Superconductors

  • Liquefaction Technology

  • Natural Refrigerants

  • Cryogenics in Medicines

  • Micro-coolers

  • Ice Making & Storage Systems

  • Cryopumping

  • Cryoelectronics

  • Machine Learning

  • Neural Network

  • Expert System

  • Fuzzy Logic

  • Cognitive Engineering

  • Linear Programming

  • Non – Linear Programming

  • Particle Swam Optimization

  • Ant Colony Optimization

  • Genetic Algorithm (GA)

  • Other Non-traditional Techniques

  • Solar Applications

  • Photovoltaic Technology

  • Desalination

  • Geothermal Technology

  • Hydrogen Production & Fuel Cells

  • Wind, Ocean Thermal and Tidal Energies

  • Micro & Nano Energy Systems

  • Clean Coal Technologies

  • Hybrid Systems for Multi-generation

  • Climate & Meteorology

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