23rd – 24th July 2022, Vellore Institute of Technology ( VIT ) Chennai

From Dean's Desk

Dr. K. Annamalai

Dean, SMEC

Vellore Institute of Technology

Chennai, India

School of Mechanical Engineering (SMEC) at VIT Chennai was established to impart state-of-the art education, training and research in the field of Mechanical Engineering. SMEC provides undergraduate program (B.Tech.) in Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics and Automation and Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Electric Vehicles. The school also offers postgraduate program (M.Tech.) in CAD/CAM and Mechatronics and Ph.D. / M.S. (Research). The school consists of various research groups like Design & Automation, Materials & Manufacturing and Thermal, Energy & Automotive. The school faculty is a team of highly qualified professionals with all of them having Ph.D. degrees from renowned universities. They provide high emphasis for research along with their innovative teaching methods, which helps to involve students in research and project based learning in the school. The research outcomes in the form of publications and patents are the testament to the world class, global standard infrastructure and research laboratory facilities available in the school. The school has ongoing partnerships with many other overseas Universities which help the students to do their Semester Abroad Program (SAP). All the regular programs of the school follow the University Curriculum for Applied Learning (CAL) and the curriculum & syllabi are benchmarked with renowned Universities like Rochester Institute of Technology, Denver, Georgia Tech. etc. The state of the art infrastructure includes Single cylinder variable speed, constant speed and multi cylinder CI engine test rigs with eddy current dynamometer, combustion analyzer (Kistler), open ECU system, fuel property measurement apparatus, AVL smoke meter and AVL 5 gas analyser, Atmospheric Boundary Layer wind tunnel of test section 1 m x 1 m x 6 m, 32 channel Pressure transducer, Digital Hot-wire anemometer (Max. range : 25 m/s), Lab quest interface for dynamic force sensor, Experimental setup for wind induced vibration, Uniaxial Accelerometer with NI DAQ, Multi-tube Manometer, Solar Photovoltaic Training Kit, Solar Tracker With 2 Axis Tracker System, Thermal Imager (Testo), Radiator Assembly, Solar Air Drier, Solar Cooker, Data Acquisition System, Biomass & Wood Stove, Solar Still, Solar Panel Practical Lab Kit, Solar Street Light Learning Kit, Wind Energy Training System, Biomass Gasifier, 6- axes industrial articulated robot with machine vision, advanced sensors and automation, CNC machines, Shimadzu universal testing machine, Stir Casting equipment, Rapid prototyping machine and high-end workstations with CAD/CAE, Robot Studio and Siemens PLC software’s.

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